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If you already own a domain name you want the server named as for the server, add it to the box below as this will also effect your reverse IP address name scheme. As stated within the Enother T.O.S., you must be 18 years of age or older. All servers will usually be dispatched after registration verification. For Email and Web Services to work, you must have a domain registered through us or already have a domain name registered by you elsewhere. If you don't already own a domain name, you will be given the option to search for and register one with your your order. For Any Help or Any Questions, do feel free to

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Because We Wouldn't Like It, We Do Not, Give Out Any Of Your Information to anyone, for any reason! We won't close you down because of your religious nor political beliefs! If you are queer, that's your choice, just keep it to Yourself as we hold the rights to terminate all services provided you if it is found from Our Servers that you're promoting in Any Way homosexuality to children, porn to children, or any qustionable material unhealthy for children or adults!

Our Dedicated Cloud VPS Servers come with Both 1 Static IPV4 and 1 IPV6 IP Address running on the fastest NVME Drives. These are Un-managed Services which means you are responsible for the Administration of any server under your control. Reverse IP Address Name Resolution is Assigned Your Choice just contact us with what you want it to be, else reverse will be set to mail.YourDomainName.com. All above fields Must be complete and accurate to prevent services interruptions. For Any questions or if help is needed please CONTACT us, or Log Into your control panel and submit a ticket and we'll be happy to help!.